February 29, 2012

Generation Gaps.

Frauke Thielking is a German photographer who established differences and similirties amongst generations through photographs. He titled this series of work, “Generation” and his primary focus was mother/daughter and father/son pairs. He was sure to have no distractions, so no clothing or excessive color, just simplicity. How truly alike are parent and child? Do you resemble your parent, and or child?

By looking at the pictures there are evident age gaps, but the strong similarities still remain. Even though the photos of are parent and child, it appears to be the same person, just at different ages in their life. So, maybe you and your parents are more alike than you have previously thought. Thielking photos are proof that, no matter what, we can never fully escape generation bonds.

February 28, 2012

I Wouldn't Mind 32° All Year Long, Especially In The Summer.

Have you ever been to a yogurt bar? It is probably one of my most favorite things EVER. If I could, I would eat at a yogurt bar everyday. So, thank the heavens that there is one less than a mile from campus. 32° was the first yogurt bar introduced to me this past summer and I instantly fell in love. All of the flavors tasted marvelous, so great in fact, that I had the worst time choosing between them. Blueberry and Island Coconut really tore at me from within, but I ultimately went with Island Coconut. Then I loaded copious amounts of fruit on top, with a hint of raspberry drizzle. I tried to be good to myself by shying away from the sweet stuff and just sticking with fruit. But, boy so I love fruit. The coconut yogurt complimented the fruit well and I had this, "tropical breeze, lying on a hammock in the sand by the ocean" feeling while eating my yogurt. I soon realized that I was still sitting in the quaint yogurt bar. Though, I really wish I was in a hammock. That sounds lovely right about now.

February 26, 2012

If I Were Famous.

Let me rephrase that. If I were famous AND rich, (which, I suppose, go hand in hand. the money and the fame) this would be exactly what I would wear to an award show. I am usually not so much a pink person, but I love this dress. I adore this dress. I freaking want this dress. I just love this whole outfit, so much in fact, that I want to purchase every item. Just one problem, it would cost me basically, ummm, a lot of money. A whole hell of a lot. This outfit is not college girl friendly and doesn't really fit within a college girl's budget, which is usually a weekly $5-$10...if that. I hate how I have expensive taste sometimes, but then again, this is IF I were famous AND rich awesome.

My favorite part of award shows is watching celebrities walk down the red carpet. I mentally keep a worst and best dress list in my head, until photos are finally leaked through the internet so I can gawk over the ones I loved and gag over the ones I hated. I swear, people these days don't know how to dress. For the make-up, I was thinking keeping things pretty simple. A pink, almost nude lip and warm, bronze tones for the eye, along with a cat eye to make things pop. I love cat eyes, too bad I suck at doing them myself. Since the dress itself is a huge pop of color and has the detail up top, I decided to stick to dangled earrings, that gorgeous ring and cream clutch. So what do you think, would I make your worst or best dressed list? Ah, I can't wait to watch tonight tomorrow night (yes, its 2am, so technically it is sunday). Let me know who's you loved. Maybe, we love the same ones, you never know. 
Side Note: I don't know about you, but I hate, HATE, seeing reality TV stars people at award shows. You know, shows like Jersey Shore.

I am going to come right out and apologize if your "Blog's I'm Following" feed is blown up with duplicates (or similar to) of this post. I wouldn't be finished and the computer would post it to the blog. Stupid computers. So, I am sorry. If anyone know how I can delete it, so that you don't have to scroll through the bajillion of these that posted, let me know. I'm sorry. Again.

February 23, 2012

If I'm A Lion, I'm Going To Be Awesome.

>> Trying to find the least muddy path as possible when walking through the grass and end up stepping in globs of mud. Great, now my shoes are ruined.
>> Getting all dressed up one day and have people ask you, "What reason do you have to be so dressed up?"...I don't. I just wanted to wear something other than sweats for a day.
>> How I still have yet to unpack my bag from the weekend.
>> Saying I am going to give up cussing for lent and having people laugh in my face. They're right, who am I kidding?
>> How I talk about the people on reality TV shows like I know them personally.
>> Playing kickball with a yoga ball.
>> Trying your best not to laugh out loud in the middle of class. You know that weird noise you make when holding in a laugh and then the seizure like shake that goes with it? Yeah, awkward.
>>Walking around the gym like a lost puppy looking for jump ropes.
>> How people think I honestly look like Nala, the lion from The Lion King. If you Google it, you might think so too.

>> Pancake day in the cafe that we have every Thursday and every time I get the same thing, plain pancakes with peanut butter on it and topped with fruit.
>> Mat Kearney radio station on Pandora
>> Getting multiple valentines from friends, co-workers and others the past couple weeks.
>> The new make-up line that I recently bought from Maybelline; It's called Fit Me. I love it and, here's a bonus, I didn't have to pay an arm and a leg for it.
>> The weather lately, especially today. It's beautiful outside and it reminds me of the early morning on the beach, sunny, breezy and not too hot. Just cool. Just perfection.
>> How close it is to spring break. Though, I am not going anywhere cool, I am still excited.
>> Enjoying an iced coffee while reading.
>> Getting a hang of the new tablet by doing nothing but graphic design stuff until 1 in the morning on my only night off the whole week.
>> Acceptably being able to wear shorts outside, along with not needed a jacket. 

February 22, 2012

My Girls. My Bests.

For whatever reason my hair is a complete mess in the photo, so ignore it. Also, ignore the slight blur. These are my bests and I love this picture.

It is bittersweet being back here at school. This past weekend was much needed and I am sad that I am, once again, without my Bests. So, I will cherish the memories that were made, but I cannot wait until next time we are together.

Once up there we did what any sane, college girl would do...we went shopping (by the way, when did everything get so, ya know, expensive?). We bought ourselves some sassy, new outfits for the night ahead of us. We were in celebration for one of the Best's birthdays and we were prepared to flaunt what we got. So, we hit the mall hard and purchased some Girl Scout Cookies to tide us over along the way.

Speaking of Girl Scout Cookies, I don't know if you know this, but there are multiple distributors for Girl Scout Cookies. By that I mean, that not every area gets the same type of cookie. The little stand we were at were selling Savannah Smiles. They are these bite-sized, lemon wedge cookies that are covered in powder sugar. OHEMGEE, they were the best! I am so jealous that they don't sell those back home. If you have never had them, try em out. They are delicious; almost refreshing in a way.

Back to the weekend. Well, after our quick shopping extravaganza we headed back to the apartment to get ready for dinner. We decided on Red Lobster (mmmmm cheesy biscuits) and had a wonderful dinner. I am pretty sure we drank our weight in their raspberry lemonade and mixed berry tea. We then headed home to get sassy. I just loved spending this time with my Bests. Since we are all at different schools it is hard to find the time when all three of us can get together. I couldn't ask to have better friends in my life. They are both smart, beautiful and have the biggest hearts that anyone will ever meet. Thank you Bests for being my bests. Love you two.
Us girls with the two birthday girls (notice the pink birthday ribbons).
The two birthday girls! They are also roommates. Thank you for opening up your humble abode for the weekend.

Jack And A Box.

This is Jack. Isn't he just precious!? He likes my present, ahhemm, I mean, box. I wrapped this gift for he Best's birthday (I am pretty proud of my wrapping skills. I gave myself a huge pat on my back once I was finished, or in other words, I tooted my own horn, toot toot). Jack thought the box was pretty cool too!
He sniffed it and checked it out, ya know, dog approval stuff. As you can tell, he liked my present more than his chew toy and ball. Purple is definitely a good color on him.
Well, his interest in my box was short lived, until he was off to the next best thing. Nevertheless, he is just the sweetest dog, and slightly an attention whore. If no one pays attention to him for a certain period of time he starts crying. It is actually the cutest thing ever; he is the cutest thing ever. I want him. Shoot, I should have put him in my suit case on my way out. Why didn't I think of that sooner?! Obviously, I wasn't thinking at all. Oh well, better luck next time on taking him with me. Stay tuned for more details from the rest of my weekend that I spent with the Bests! Ah, I love my Bests!

February 20, 2012

Running For A Balloon.

The weekend was great, but flew by, don't you think? I will fill you in on the dets of my weekend later in another post. For now, I shall catch up with everything from this last week. So, as we all know, it was Valentines day last week. My Best turned 20 and I couldn't wait to spend the weekend with her and the other Best. I spent all week packing and getting ready for the trip up there. I did such a wonderful wrapping job on the Best's gift. It looked just fabulous (I will post photos of that too later on).

I had to make an unexpected, but needed, visit back home on Monday for a doctor's appointment. Well, while I was home I took my brothers out to find cute little gift for their girlfriends. One ended up getting flowers, while the other brother bought some candy. Keep in mind they are in high school, so we were keeping the Valentine's Day gifting pretty simple. Just so you know their girl's loved their gifts, big sister knows best). While making our trip to the store I decided to visit Nick (the "man friend" for those of you who don't know) while he was at work. He was beyond shocked, since I was suppose to be at school (it's hard to surprise him).

Later that night, as I was sleeping silently in my bed, I get a message from Nick saying that I should probably go look at my car. So, I stumble out into the freezing cold to find this cute, little, skydiving turtle balloon with a little note attached to it. It was too cute. I ran inside to grab my camera so I can take some photos (yes, one of my first thoughts when I saw it was "I should blog about this"). As I am taking photos my neighbor walks over to tell me that he saw Nick tying this balloon to my car, but since it was dark he didn't know what Nick was doing. So, my neighbor thought he was breaking into my car and trashing it so when Nick got in his car to drive away, my neighbor took off on foot after his him. Nick sat at the stop sign at the end of my street for a bit, so my neighbor almost caught up to his car, but then Nick took off (he had no idea my neighbor was chasing him...on foot). So my neighbor walked back and was going to tell us about it in the morning, but as he was walking back he realized it was just a balloon..and Valentine's Day. Everything suddenly made sense. I laughed so hard as he told me all of this. I wish I actually witnessed the whole thing, darn it.

So, I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day everyone, or at least, a good story to tell.

February 17, 2012

Have A Fab Weekend!

I have been a terrible poster lately, I get it. This week has been crazy and I deserve a well needed break. So while I relax this weekend, you try and do the same. Spend time with friends, make memories, have laughs. For now, enjoy these fashionistas.
{1} {2} {3} {4}

February 14, 2012

Super Valentines Are The Best To Receive On Valentine's Day!

Uh, why didn't I think of these? Dumb move on my part, I went with Justin Bieber over these bad boys. If only I found these sooner. Click here for the how-to on making them.

It's that time of year again. I have never been one to hate Valentine's Day, but I have never been overly thrilled about it either (Christmas is my holiday of all holidays). I have fun sending Valentines to those I hold dear to me (only how much cooler would I have been if I sent out super valentines, damn it). I hope all of you have a love-filled holiday. Before I go, I would love to wish one of the Best a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! She is now as old as the rest of us. I can't wait to be reunited with the Bests this weekend. I've missed them. Here are some more Valentine's Day findings for those who just can't get enough. Or those who are procrastinating at work, in class, with life (I am usually procrastinating with all of the above).

The cutest couple bowls that are so good together.

Need a Valentine's Day dress last minute? For more dresses check out this recent post with this dress and this one too.

The most perfect cupcakes to bake for Valentine's Day.

Love eggs? Well, you're in luck with a heart shaped egg how-to.

More heart fun with food.

Heart art to display throughout your home.

February 10, 2012

Little Things For You.

Valentines day is right around the corner. I find myself frantically finishing school work, grabbing last minute gifts, writing valentines, working two jobs and keeping up with my demanded fitness schedule this last week. This weekend will be nothing but work work work. I must clean my room, finish class projects, do laundry and everything else in-between. If I can fit it in I am going to try to make a gift guide to post this weekend, however, I am not going to make any promises this weekend.

Oh my gosh I forgot to share with you all. My mom finally sent me my birthday present. For those of you that don't know, my birthday is in the end of December. So I have been waiting ever so patiently to get this gift. It's a Bamboo Create by Wacom. I am stoked to use it, therefore I am going to try it out this weekend.

I hope all of you lovelies have a fun, loved-filled weekend. Here are some little findings that I think you all will enjoy. I mean I enjoy them, so you should too. I hope. (insert smiley face here)

How perfect would this red one-sholder dress be for a Valentines day date? Especially if you pair it with tights. Actually, I love this red lace ress too. I can't decide.

I need to invest it more necklaces such as this adorable geometric triangle prism necklace.

When I get my own place that I get to furnish, I am going to make it a must to purchase one of these knit stools, which will probably be the blue one or yellow one. Maybe both if I am that awesome.

How perfect of a gift would this fishing pole picture frame be for a gift for a fishing father, like my dad. He would love it.

Oh how could I forget?! The Vow comes out tonight. I am going to be prepared to cry. Yep, definitely bringing tissues with me to the theatre.

Speaking of The Vow, I also want to see The Lucky One. Oh how watching love stories make me melt.

Check this out. It is probably the most brilliant graphic design thing ever.


February 9, 2012

Pretty Sure My Love For Monkeys Is Both Awkward & Awesome.

A W K W A R D.
_Both of these pictures. I know they are creepy beyond belief, but I don't care. I love them. What's even creepier is that these photos were at one time my Facebook profile pictures. I'm so cool lame.
_Seeing a guy at the gym that you have been highly avoiding.
_Making a nickname for the guy. We call him "The Moth"--moths just won't leave you alone and neither will he.
_Saying something stupid in front of a room full of people. Brainfart moments.
_My Art for Elementary Teacher class. I am pretty sure I could draw better with my opposite hand and eyes clothes than the rest of the people in that class. It's that bad.
_Me around children I don't know.
_How many voices I talk in and then forgetting to talk normal. Especially when I am ordering food in a drive through.
_Working out for a mere fifteen minutes.

A W E S O M E.
_The creator of Pinterest. Thank you sweet, brilliant person.
_Chocolate with a raspberry filling. Nom nom nom nom.
_The Patriots not winning the Super Bowl. I despise them. Only one other team in the whole NFL that I hate more than the Pats is the Steelers.
_Sneaking in food into the movie theatre under your sweatshirt and getting away with it.
_My new bag that I got a mega deal for.
_A marathon of nothing but Snapped all day long. That show is the best.
_How much of a bad ass I am at the game Temple Run. I am a boss.
_Fixing the futon so that it no longer looks like a "V." Now people can actually sit on it again without sliding all towards the middle.

February 7, 2012

What I'm Lovin.

Lately I have been enjoying life. It's just been great. The weather has been more than marvelous and life itself has been simple and stress free. Thankfully.

Here is what I have been loving lately.

The fact that I can "lie" to my friends. Now, I don't mean any harm. By lie I mean this: The other day I went out and bought valentines, Justin Bieber valentines to be precise, and I signed them all anonymously. They have gotten all worked up on trying to figure out who they are all from. Somehow I keep swaying their attention to another person. I wonder how long the guessing game will last.

The old CDs I have found in the back seat of my car. They are all from my high school years and let me tell you, I was an exceptional CD maker. They have some great jams on there.

How messy my room is. Normally I hate this part of myself. I have a very bad tendency to neglect my room far past the point of no return. Well, now I have this mountain of clothes piled up and I laugh every time I (or someone else) crawl across it to get to the other side. I need to clean it bad. Do you know a maid that would be willing? Ugh. This room clean is going to be an all day affair and will have to wait for the weekend.

I just love not wearing a bra. It's the best.

My new shoes. They are the cutest. Plus, I got them on sale, heck yeah! Here they are in black, but I bought them in a nude shade.

The fact that I am going to see the Bests here in just a couple days. I. CANNOT. WAIT. It has been too long since I have seen them. Goodness I am getting all giddy just thinking about it. Plus, it's one of their birthdays, so it should be a phenomenal visit. I have never visited them at school before, nor have they visited me so this trip should be exciting. Then sitting here thinking of this visit makes me that much more excited to travel to Chicago with them. P.S. to my Bests. Keep an eye on the mailboxes. You may have a little surprise headed your way.

My aromatherapy sleep body wash. If I am having trouble sleeping I go take a shower and use that stuff. It relaxes me and puts me in the mood to sleep. Forever. Which, forever is never the case, but it would be nice to sleep in. Although I have an 8:00 class in the morning. What was I thinking when I scheduled for that class?

That's my latest loves. What have you been loving these past couple of days?

Surprise Surprises!

Hey there lovelies! I could have sworn that I just posted a new post, like yesterday? Time sure does fly. Well, let me give you the details of my week, or two. A special boy drove down here to good ol' Kentucky to visit me. His name is Nick by the way. I know, Nick and Nicki kinda has a funny ring to it doesn't it? He is what I like to call my "man friend," since we have yet to make that jump into actual relationship status. I mean, it's not real unless it's Facebook official, right? Just kidding. Facebook, shmacebook. Anyways I worked practically the whole weekend he was here, so he had a lot of bonding time with the roommates. They absolutely loved him and they are all pretty much best friends now. He was also a big smash with all of my other friends. I think they like him better than they like me now. Oh shucks.

I took Nick out for his first sushi experience. He is working on acquiring a taste for it, but for the most part I think that it went over very well. Boy do I love some sushi.

When he left I was super sad, but little did I know this boy had a surprise up his sleeve. A week went by and I was starting to miss him..a lot. Well, here I am on a Monday night in my bed with my retainer in. Basically I looked so drop dead gorgeous. Right as I curl up to fall asleep for the night in walks Nick. That little shit had it planed for a whole week to come pay me a surprise visit! I usually hate surprises, but I just loved this one. Kinda. I couldn't let him know I enjoyed it. Well he only stayed until the next day (Tuesday) and drove home to work on Wednesday AND then drove back down to Kentucky after he got off on Wednesday to stay with me until Thursday night. He is just great. Really really great.

February 1, 2012

The Haunted Four.

A blog post about work..yet again. Yes, I know I promised to keep talking about work to a minimum, however, this past weekend was New Orleans night. We served cajun food and table-side bananas foster. Oh my was it delicious. We had a full house and all of us servers made great tips. I love when we have themed nights. 

Speaking of themed nights, on April 14th is the 100 year anniversary of the Titanic disaster and in the honor of it we are hosting a Titanic night. We will be serving the exact same menu that was served to the first class passengers the night of the Titanic sinking. How cool is that? Everyone is urged to dress the part as well. I cannot wait. I have been highly obsessed with the movie, though I know it is real fictional (deep down I believe Jack and Rose's love truly did exist), it will be great to see everything come to life like it once did.

Also, have I failed to mention that my workplace is haunted? I am not just saying we "hear" stuff, it is downright, to the core, haunted. Here are some of the things that has happened since I have been there: many times we come to find the back door unlocked when we know for a fact we locked it, my boss has seen an old woman walk by thinking it was a customer when, in fact, the place is empty and the doors are all locked, we all hear people say something to us, but no one is there, things go missing ALL THE TIME like, for intense, before Indian night the guys in the kitchen sliced up an entire bowl of eggplant in the morning and that night the entire bowl goes missing, the sensor door bell goes off time to time when no one is even up by the door, and that is just some of the instances. It gives me the hebegeebees every time my boss enlightens me with new haunt findings. We have had ghost hunters come in twice since I have been there to check things out. We have recordings of the ghost talking back to us. I don't know if you know exactly how it works, but one of the exercises the hunters do is set up a recorder and ask questions. Well on a certain recording that we have the question was asked up near the bar, "Who will buy me a drink?" and in reply immediately after is an old, raspy, smoker, man's voice "I'll buy." I have heard it and let me tell you, IT IS FREAKING CREEPY! At first we were told we had nice ghosts, but now after the second visit from the ghost hunters we found ones that hate us. Apparently we have an old woman who follows us around and spits at us all day long. We also have another guy who curses at us tell us to get the hell out. Now I am scared. They failed to mention the haunting in the interview, however, it is pretty cool to tell others about it. It is a bittersweet thing.