February 1, 2012

The Haunted Four.

A blog post about work..yet again. Yes, I know I promised to keep talking about work to a minimum, however, this past weekend was New Orleans night. We served cajun food and table-side bananas foster. Oh my was it delicious. We had a full house and all of us servers made great tips. I love when we have themed nights. 

Speaking of themed nights, on April 14th is the 100 year anniversary of the Titanic disaster and in the honor of it we are hosting a Titanic night. We will be serving the exact same menu that was served to the first class passengers the night of the Titanic sinking. How cool is that? Everyone is urged to dress the part as well. I cannot wait. I have been highly obsessed with the movie, though I know it is real fictional (deep down I believe Jack and Rose's love truly did exist), it will be great to see everything come to life like it once did.

Also, have I failed to mention that my workplace is haunted? I am not just saying we "hear" stuff, it is downright, to the core, haunted. Here are some of the things that has happened since I have been there: many times we come to find the back door unlocked when we know for a fact we locked it, my boss has seen an old woman walk by thinking it was a customer when, in fact, the place is empty and the doors are all locked, we all hear people say something to us, but no one is there, things go missing ALL THE TIME like, for intense, before Indian night the guys in the kitchen sliced up an entire bowl of eggplant in the morning and that night the entire bowl goes missing, the sensor door bell goes off time to time when no one is even up by the door, and that is just some of the instances. It gives me the hebegeebees every time my boss enlightens me with new haunt findings. We have had ghost hunters come in twice since I have been there to check things out. We have recordings of the ghost talking back to us. I don't know if you know exactly how it works, but one of the exercises the hunters do is set up a recorder and ask questions. Well on a certain recording that we have the question was asked up near the bar, "Who will buy me a drink?" and in reply immediately after is an old, raspy, smoker, man's voice "I'll buy." I have heard it and let me tell you, IT IS FREAKING CREEPY! At first we were told we had nice ghosts, but now after the second visit from the ghost hunters we found ones that hate us. Apparently we have an old woman who follows us around and spits at us all day long. We also have another guy who curses at us tell us to get the hell out. Now I am scared. They failed to mention the haunting in the interview, however, it is pretty cool to tell others about it. It is a bittersweet thing. 

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  1. um, can I get invited to Titanic night!?

    although that does sound creepy.

    I emailed you back - check it out and let me know what you think!