February 28, 2012

I Wouldn't Mind 32° All Year Long, Especially In The Summer.

Have you ever been to a yogurt bar? It is probably one of my most favorite things EVER. If I could, I would eat at a yogurt bar everyday. So, thank the heavens that there is one less than a mile from campus. 32° was the first yogurt bar introduced to me this past summer and I instantly fell in love. All of the flavors tasted marvelous, so great in fact, that I had the worst time choosing between them. Blueberry and Island Coconut really tore at me from within, but I ultimately went with Island Coconut. Then I loaded copious amounts of fruit on top, with a hint of raspberry drizzle. I tried to be good to myself by shying away from the sweet stuff and just sticking with fruit. But, boy so I love fruit. The coconut yogurt complimented the fruit well and I had this, "tropical breeze, lying on a hammock in the sand by the ocean" feeling while eating my yogurt. I soon realized that I was still sitting in the quaint yogurt bar. Though, I really wish I was in a hammock. That sounds lovely right about now.


  1. yogurt bars are so so so so good. I wish I could still have some! :(

  2. your coconut raspberry creation sounds amazing!

  3. We have Red Mango up here. Love it. I get white peach with a lot of raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, mango, and honey.