February 20, 2012

Running For A Balloon.

The weekend was great, but flew by, don't you think? I will fill you in on the dets of my weekend later in another post. For now, I shall catch up with everything from this last week. So, as we all know, it was Valentines day last week. My Best turned 20 and I couldn't wait to spend the weekend with her and the other Best. I spent all week packing and getting ready for the trip up there. I did such a wonderful wrapping job on the Best's gift. It looked just fabulous (I will post photos of that too later on).

I had to make an unexpected, but needed, visit back home on Monday for a doctor's appointment. Well, while I was home I took my brothers out to find cute little gift for their girlfriends. One ended up getting flowers, while the other brother bought some candy. Keep in mind they are in high school, so we were keeping the Valentine's Day gifting pretty simple. Just so you know their girl's loved their gifts, big sister knows best). While making our trip to the store I decided to visit Nick (the "man friend" for those of you who don't know) while he was at work. He was beyond shocked, since I was suppose to be at school (it's hard to surprise him).

Later that night, as I was sleeping silently in my bed, I get a message from Nick saying that I should probably go look at my car. So, I stumble out into the freezing cold to find this cute, little, skydiving turtle balloon with a little note attached to it. It was too cute. I ran inside to grab my camera so I can take some photos (yes, one of my first thoughts when I saw it was "I should blog about this"). As I am taking photos my neighbor walks over to tell me that he saw Nick tying this balloon to my car, but since it was dark he didn't know what Nick was doing. So, my neighbor thought he was breaking into my car and trashing it so when Nick got in his car to drive away, my neighbor took off on foot after his him. Nick sat at the stop sign at the end of my street for a bit, so my neighbor almost caught up to his car, but then Nick took off (he had no idea my neighbor was chasing him...on foot). So my neighbor walked back and was going to tell us about it in the morning, but as he was walking back he realized it was just a balloon..and Valentine's Day. Everything suddenly made sense. I laughed so hard as he told me all of this. I wish I actually witnessed the whole thing, darn it.

So, I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day everyone, or at least, a good story to tell.

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  1. aww adorable :) Mike also surprised me :)