January 30, 2012

Seats And Feets.

So, I am going to mix things up a little bit. I recently had a friend tell me how, every so often, a friend of his sends him photos of shoes and a chair that share a similar inspiration. He called it, seats and feets. He thought it would be a cool for a weekly blog post and I thought the idea was just fabulous. What do you guys think? It was fun finding photos of shoes and chairs that are in common. But this is not what I need. All of this web browsing makes me want to purchase just about every shoe I come across. OHEMGEE there are soooo many adorable shoes out there. Enjoy! I hope you all had a great weekend.

January 27, 2012

My Addiction: Chocolate

Just about any chocolate I will consume, but lately Dove Milk Chocolate and I have been pretty much best friends. Chocolate is my weakness. I always tell myself that it's okay to eat one square inch, but it never is just one. One turns into two and then, before I know it, turns into six. I'm not even upset about it though. I love chocolate and chocolate loves me and that is all that matters, an unconditional love. What is your weakness? You want to know my most favorite part about eating Dove Chocolate? Well, even if you don't want to know my favorite thing about it, I'm going to tell you anyways. Yep. It's gonna happen. Well, anyways, I love opening the foil, ever so gently, in hopes that the foil wont tare. I then take a coin and smooth out the foil as best as I can. Then I read what has carefully enclosed my chocolate prior to it's consumption. Whatever saying the wrapper beholds puts a smile on my face. It just gives me another hop in my step. It's like my own personal, daily fortune cookie. I love it, but then it becomes a game. I just keep eating and reading one after the next. Then, like I said before, in no time I have eaten a fourth of the bag. But still, it doesn't phase me. Someone's got to eat it. Right?
Make every day a holiday.
(please ignore my horrid nail polish. this girl needs to give herself a manicure)
Also, to explain the blur, these photos were taken on my phone.

January 24, 2012

Number Three Is Such A Great Feeling.

Over the weekend I preformed a power clean on my room and bathroom. I scrubbed floors, washed all my bedding, vacuumed, put away ALL of my clothes, dusted, made my bed and organized everything. I even took down my photo wall and began the start of a new and improved wall to display my photos from over the year. 

Looking at my room now you wouldn't believe me. My bed is no longer made, clothes are covering my floor and my vanity has everything covering the counter. Goodness I hate how fast my life is on the move right now. It leaves me with hardly enough time to change my clothes to go from one job to the next. Honestly that is why my floor and makeup is spread everywhere, because I spend too much time trying to find the perfect, fashionable outfit to wear to work. I guess that's what happens when you work in a trendy store in the mall. That is also another reason why I love my job at the club so much, because I put on my black button up shirt and black dress pants every day. Oh, and my non-slick shoes, I forgot to mention that. I look pretty banging at the club in that attire if you can imagine. Actually let me help you out with the visual.
There you go. My rocking uniform. Regardless, I love little thing number three. The feeling of cleanliness and organization is wonderful, however only when it last. I should probably go and clean my room..again.

January 23, 2012

Feeling A Little Green Today.

Actually I feel like today made me more green forever. You see, a friend told me about this awesome app that I can download for my iPad. I won my iPad at a party, and I honestly hardly ever use it. I can't run with it while working out (well I guess you could, but it would be difficult), you can't talk on it like a phone, it is difficult to type on so I would prefer to use my laptop and I pretty much only use it for games. That was before I was introduced with this awesome, and I mean AWESOME!, app.

This life changing app is called Notes Plus, for those who haven't heard of it. With this I can now take notes just like I would with any notebook. Instead of wasting paper and using countless notebooks, I now have a library of notebooks for all of my subjects on my iPad. I bought a stylus so that it is easier to write. Oh, you also want to know what is super cool about the app? You can plug it into your computer and edit it or print it out. You have total freedom while using it and it offers so many options, but it is really easy to use. Everything about this app is great. You now will never catch me purchasing another notebook ever again.

This Weekend.

So this weekend was a little hectic to say the least. There was just so much going on in my life. Classes finally started, my hours with work picked up like crazy and I had a visit from someone very special. Once I get pictures done and edited I shall share, because you guys would love to meet him. How was everyone else's weekend? While I have your attention, why don't you do yourself a favor and check out one of the Best's blog, Imagine the Morning. She is absolutely fabulous (duh that is why she is my best friend) and is a new face to the Blogger world. So make sure you give her a lovely welcome.

January 19, 2012

Snow Is Always Awesome.

Following your boss around like a lost puppy. I am new, therefore I have to shadow her A LOT. It makes me feel dumb.
Going out with co-workers after your first night of working with them.
How Kentucky people drive in the snow. Arg. This is more frustrating than awkward I suppose.
Realizing you at a whole bag oh Cheetos Puffs in one sitting. Those things are too damn addicting.
Being asked a question for which you don't know the answer to.
Not knowing you are on the schedule at work (apparently there are two different ones..good to know now). So then, your boss calls you asking, "Is everything okay?" In that I reply, Well no not really you just woke me from my perfect slumber. I shook it off and went into work anyways.
How much I hate UK Basketball while going to school in Kentucky.
Being a bar tender in training. I suck.
Going to do laundry and all of the washers and dryers are open. Score.
How much I talk about my job(s). I am sorry for not being sorry about it. I love working and I love my job, so that's what counts right? I will try to keep talk about work to a minimum..maybe.

The money I make at my new job. ITSAWESOME!
Finding out that the club I newly work in his haunted--It's a restaurant, must be a member to eat there. Not a club like I know you were thinking. My manager failed to share that with me in the interview.
Non-slip shoes.
All of my roommates finally moving back in.
Birthday parties.
Visits from someone very special. They shall be here tonight. I can't wait.
My new photo wall (I will post pictures on that later).
Having access to all of the free coffee that I want. Have I mentioned that I love my new job? I do talk about working a lot huh? Now adding to the awkward list.
Playing soccer tonight for the first time since the season ended. Oh how I miss my team, including the boy's team. We are one big happy family.

January 18, 2012

Is This Real Life?

The two bills, Protect IP Act (PIPA) and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) if passed, will censor the Web and have numerous regulations for internet users. Many sites are oppose both bills and are participating in a blackout. You can speak out and sign up against Congress' proposal on internet censorship. Or you can sign up here as well.
Take action. Protect your online rights.

The Second Little Thing.

Snow is stunning, especially when it is freshly fallen. The look it portrays when it sticks to the tree's branches. It is almost unreal, like a painted picture. I just love when snow is on the ground, lots of snow, and it is untouched. When those play in the snow it makes me immediately wanting the next snowfall to hurry along to lay its next perfect blanket of white. Goodness, I love snow.

January 16, 2012

What This Semester Will Have In Store For Me.

Why hello my little chickadees. How was everyone's weekend? Spectacular? I have been distant lately, I know. My posts haven't had much depth in them, so I apologize. My life has been in fast forward lately. My foot has been petal to the metal everyday after the next. So, now that I have time to recollect myself and I now will enlighten you on my whereabouts lately.

I am a workaholic. I want to make something of myself. I want to be successful. I have an acute sense of self awareness when it involves my future. I constantly question my actions today and if it will cause conflict with my future. At some point I will find my center, things will come full circle and I will stop being self-conscious of my decisions. Until then, I will continue to be a workaholic and strive to be successful.

My job that I currently have hasn't exactly been cutting it. I don't get the hours I hoped for, because right now is our downtime. My bank account was looking a little slim due to the holidays. I spent a little too much over the holidays, but who doesn't? Right? Well, in order to fulfill my checking account's thirst I went out and got another job. It took them awhile to call me back and confirm I got the position after my interview, but better late than never. When I received the call, it was a huge, HUGE, relief off my chest. I am now a waitress/bartender in training at this fancy, country-club like restaurant. I have to wear all black from head to toe (I will post pictures of my attire later). So far I love it and I make great money off tips, especially on weekends. My first weekend dinner shift I made $150 in five hours. I could get used to this. Actually, it is going to take a lot to get used to with memorizing the lunch menu, dinner menu, mixed drinks, wine list, and so much more. In the end, it will be worth it.

So there ya go. That's where I have been lately. No, I haven't been anywhere exciting like Ireland or Spain. Though I wish I was there. That would be freaking amazing. I am just a poor college kid that is now juggling two jobs, classes (18 hours to be exact), soccer training and the little social life I now have. This semester is going to be a rough one, but I think I can handle it. Hopefully.

January 13, 2012

Tad Bit Chilly Is An Understatement.

Last week was such a lovely week all together. I ran outside, yes you read that right, outside. I even wore shorts and a t-shirt. Can you believe that, nice enough weather to be outside in shorts in the beginning of January and the middle of winter, who knew? Well, now it is like I fell asleep and woke up in Antartica. It snowed, which I am not complaining about. I LOVE SNOW. However, it is absolutely freezing. It's crazy how the weather works that way. So, now you will find me bundled up similar to this. Scarfs are becoming my best friends. Sometimes I don't know how to tie my scarf because there are so many options. I ended up finding this awesome guide on the internet to teach you how to wear scarfs. SCORE! Enjoy loves.

January 11, 2012

Anything Lace.

I am OBSESSED, literally crazy about lace. There is just something about it. It is the definition of class, sophistication, feminine, and prettiness all rolled into one. Here are some of my favorite pieces I have found via Pinterest. I cannot quite pick a favorite right yet. It's just to hard to narrow it down, because like I said, I am in love with lace.

January 10, 2012

Drumroll Please: Introduction To My New Weekly Posts.

Here we go, my new weekly posts. Let me know what you guys think of this idea, I am up for some feedback. There are so many wonderful things in life that are often not thought of. I just love the little things in life, hence my blog title. Every week I will post another little thing in my life that I find marvelous. Feel free to share the little element of your life that you enjoy.

January 8, 2012

One Of The Bests.

Hello. Meet my one of my Bests.
Above, is probably one of my favs.
We love each other.
Hope you had a fabulous weekend.
In addition, I would like to throw attention towards my new playlist over there on the left side. There are some old-ish rocking songs ova there. I also want to update my playlist on my computer so I am open to you guys hitting me up with new songs (I love pretty much all genres). So, give me some fresh tunes to listen to. Also, check out Reverie. She and I realized how small this world actually is; she is a sweetheart. Oh, I would also like to announce that I am going to start doing another weekly post. Stay tuned this week to find out what it just may be. 

January 6, 2012

Apologies For Missing Last Thursday.

So, this quote has given me a little pep in my step lately. I needed it..badly. I am trying to get back in shape for soccer. Goodness gracious, I don't know if I have ever been this out of shape in my life. It's going to be a long road. Every time I get out of shape I think to myself, "Why did I ever let myself go? This will NEVER happen again." But, every time I "take a break," which leads to one big long hiatus from working out, hence me being out of shape. This time I took a little too long vacation, if you must, away from the gym. However, I finally put my running shoes back on and started up my workouts. I am so sore it's not even funny. I will never let myself do that ever again (see, I said it). This is only the beginning, so it's going to be awhile until things start looking up. Ugh fitness.

Getting lost in downtown Louisville every time I drive through it. Every. Single. Time.
Avoiding a guy who constantly messages you via Facebook and running into him on campus. Then he asks for your number. Shoot. I am too nice and need to learn how to say "no."
Screwing up the cash register at work while dealing with a customer and not being able to fix it, so you must go get your manager who is tied up on the phone.
Seeing people you don't necessarily like.
When your card declines when checking out. Not enough money in the bank.
Working out at the gym for the first time in practically two months.
Not being able to walk appropriately because you are so sore.
Having the owner of the sushi bar tell all of workers that you are a visiter of Thailand..and they believe him completely. I don't look Thai do I?

The Victoria Secret Semi-Annual Sale. Love.
Red velvet cheesecake, home cooked breakfast, sushi and yum-yum sauce.
Having a job interview and rocking it. Hopefully.
Seeing people you love.
Getting a matching pillow and blanket set from one of your roommates AND the fourth season of Prison Break. I have the best roommates.
Sleeping in and having no responsibilities for a day. Pure bliss.
The way you feel after you got in a good workout. Not the feeling of "I'm dead, kill me now please." but the feeling of accomplishment and success.
My Biggie Smalls poster above my bed. It makes me smile just by looking at it. He is such a thug.

January 5, 2012

I Must Share This With You.

People often question why things happen to good people. I often ask myself the same thing, but I have come to realize that out of every bad situation becomes something great. As I was reading wedding blogs, which is a pretty typical day for me (there is just something so magical about weddings), I stumbled across this post of a very special wedding. This wedding is the story of Ryan and Amber and I very much want to share it with you. It warmed, but all in the same, saddened my heart. Their wedding was stunning, but their story was even better. Just a fair warning though, I am not trying to make you cry, although I am also not making promises that you won't.
Love. Love. Love. This dress and shoes.
Beautiful family.
Wine bottle guestbook.
How stunning was this wedding? In addition, I also love her dress more than any words can describe They are a beautiful couple, who's spirit and hope makes them shine even brighter. You noticed in the photos their daughter, Harper. Harper was born with an extremely rare form of cancer, so rare in fact that they have better odds of winning the Powerball..twice. Ryan and Amber's life dramatically changed and soon found themselves scheduling doctors visits and treatment appointments. Any time the couple had left they spent time with Harper.

When it finally came time to plan their wedding, they knew they were going to need help. Ryan and Amber contacted The Gifted Wedding, which is an organization based in St. Louis who provide dream weddings to those who face unique situations. The organization basically gave them their dream wedding on a golden platter. The ceremony and reception was stunning. It was everything and more that the couple could even hope for.

Unfortunately, just a few short weeks after Ryan and Amber were married, Harper lost her battle with cancer. Even with their loss, the couple showed amazing strength. They are optimistic in the face of insurmountable odds. They have a fighting spirit that continues to march on. And that's why it's hard to know how to tell their tale. It's equal parts sadness and hope, and it's important for you to know both as you get a glimpse of just one of the happiest days of their lives.

I got all of my information as well as the photos from the blog post: Style Me Pretty
Read more on the story by visiting their blog.

Photographer: Hawes Photography / Venue: Balducci’s Vineyards / Appetizers – Cafe Mosaic / Tent, Lighting and Linens: Crown Rental / Bridal and Flower Girl Attire: White Traditions Bridal House / Custom Stationery: Your Day Your Way Custom Stationery / Custom Wine Box/Card Box: M. Haley Design / Disc Jockey: A Touch Of Class DJs / Transportation: The Wine Wagon / Airbrush Tanning: Envy Mobile Tan / Digital Photobooth: PhotoboothStL / Videography: Milestone Productions / Bridal Accessories: Jenny Present Custom Jewelry / Dessert Bar: Augusta 4H Club / Favors: Bunny Cakes StL Custom Cakes and Desserts / Florist: Windy Hill Cut Flower Farm / Centerpieces + Decor: Hillermann Nursery and Florist + Fahr Greenhouses, Inc. / Bride and Groom Accommodations: Hermann Hill Bed and Breakfast / Flower Girl Gifts: Build-A-Bear Workshop