February 22, 2012

Jack And A Box.

This is Jack. Isn't he just precious!? He likes my present, ahhemm, I mean, box. I wrapped this gift for he Best's birthday (I am pretty proud of my wrapping skills. I gave myself a huge pat on my back once I was finished, or in other words, I tooted my own horn, toot toot). Jack thought the box was pretty cool too!
He sniffed it and checked it out, ya know, dog approval stuff. As you can tell, he liked my present more than his chew toy and ball. Purple is definitely a good color on him.
Well, his interest in my box was short lived, until he was off to the next best thing. Nevertheless, he is just the sweetest dog, and slightly an attention whore. If no one pays attention to him for a certain period of time he starts crying. It is actually the cutest thing ever; he is the cutest thing ever. I want him. Shoot, I should have put him in my suit case on my way out. Why didn't I think of that sooner?! Obviously, I wasn't thinking at all. Oh well, better luck next time on taking him with me. Stay tuned for more details from the rest of my weekend that I spent with the Bests! Ah, I love my Bests!

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  1. oh he is most definitely the cutest thing ever! xoxo