February 23, 2012

If I'm A Lion, I'm Going To Be Awesome.

>> Trying to find the least muddy path as possible when walking through the grass and end up stepping in globs of mud. Great, now my shoes are ruined.
>> Getting all dressed up one day and have people ask you, "What reason do you have to be so dressed up?"...I don't. I just wanted to wear something other than sweats for a day.
>> How I still have yet to unpack my bag from the weekend.
>> Saying I am going to give up cussing for lent and having people laugh in my face. They're right, who am I kidding?
>> How I talk about the people on reality TV shows like I know them personally.
>> Playing kickball with a yoga ball.
>> Trying your best not to laugh out loud in the middle of class. You know that weird noise you make when holding in a laugh and then the seizure like shake that goes with it? Yeah, awkward.
>>Walking around the gym like a lost puppy looking for jump ropes.
>> How people think I honestly look like Nala, the lion from The Lion King. If you Google it, you might think so too.

>> Pancake day in the cafe that we have every Thursday and every time I get the same thing, plain pancakes with peanut butter on it and topped with fruit.
>> Mat Kearney radio station on Pandora
>> Getting multiple valentines from friends, co-workers and others the past couple weeks.
>> The new make-up line that I recently bought from Maybelline; It's called Fit Me. I love it and, here's a bonus, I didn't have to pay an arm and a leg for it.
>> The weather lately, especially today. It's beautiful outside and it reminds me of the early morning on the beach, sunny, breezy and not too hot. Just cool. Just perfection.
>> How close it is to spring break. Though, I am not going anywhere cool, I am still excited.
>> Enjoying an iced coffee while reading.
>> Getting a hang of the new tablet by doing nothing but graphic design stuff until 1 in the morning on my only night off the whole week.
>> Acceptably being able to wear shorts outside, along with not needed a jacket.