February 14, 2012

Super Valentines Are The Best To Receive On Valentine's Day!

Uh, why didn't I think of these? Dumb move on my part, I went with Justin Bieber over these bad boys. If only I found these sooner. Click here for the how-to on making them.

It's that time of year again. I have never been one to hate Valentine's Day, but I have never been overly thrilled about it either (Christmas is my holiday of all holidays). I have fun sending Valentines to those I hold dear to me (only how much cooler would I have been if I sent out super valentines, damn it). I hope all of you have a love-filled holiday. Before I go, I would love to wish one of the Best a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! She is now as old as the rest of us. I can't wait to be reunited with the Bests this weekend. I've missed them. Here are some more Valentine's Day findings for those who just can't get enough. Or those who are procrastinating at work, in class, with life (I am usually procrastinating with all of the above).

The cutest couple bowls that are so good together.

Need a Valentine's Day dress last minute? For more dresses check out this recent post with this dress and this one too.

The most perfect cupcakes to bake for Valentine's Day.

Love eggs? Well, you're in luck with a heart shaped egg how-to.

More heart fun with food.

Heart art to display throughout your home.

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  1. Love you! Thank you for making my day so special :) <3 one of the bests!