February 7, 2012

Surprise Surprises!

Hey there lovelies! I could have sworn that I just posted a new post, like yesterday? Time sure does fly. Well, let me give you the details of my week, or two. A special boy drove down here to good ol' Kentucky to visit me. His name is Nick by the way. I know, Nick and Nicki kinda has a funny ring to it doesn't it? He is what I like to call my "man friend," since we have yet to make that jump into actual relationship status. I mean, it's not real unless it's Facebook official, right? Just kidding. Facebook, shmacebook. Anyways I worked practically the whole weekend he was here, so he had a lot of bonding time with the roommates. They absolutely loved him and they are all pretty much best friends now. He was also a big smash with all of my other friends. I think they like him better than they like me now. Oh shucks.

I took Nick out for his first sushi experience. He is working on acquiring a taste for it, but for the most part I think that it went over very well. Boy do I love some sushi.

When he left I was super sad, but little did I know this boy had a surprise up his sleeve. A week went by and I was starting to miss him..a lot. Well, here I am on a Monday night in my bed with my retainer in. Basically I looked so drop dead gorgeous. Right as I curl up to fall asleep for the night in walks Nick. That little shit had it planed for a whole week to come pay me a surprise visit! I usually hate surprises, but I just loved this one. Kinda. I couldn't let him know I enjoyed it. Well he only stayed until the next day (Tuesday) and drove home to work on Wednesday AND then drove back down to Kentucky after he got off on Wednesday to stay with me until Thursday night. He is just great. Really really great.


  1. and WHY are you not officially dating nick?!? he sounds perfect!!!!

  2. He smiled with his teeth you know and it's a real one. That is rare.

  3. cute. i looooove surprises.... :)