February 9, 2012

Pretty Sure My Love For Monkeys Is Both Awkward & Awesome.

A W K W A R D.
_Both of these pictures. I know they are creepy beyond belief, but I don't care. I love them. What's even creepier is that these photos were at one time my Facebook profile pictures. I'm so cool lame.
_Seeing a guy at the gym that you have been highly avoiding.
_Making a nickname for the guy. We call him "The Moth"--moths just won't leave you alone and neither will he.
_Saying something stupid in front of a room full of people. Brainfart moments.
_My Art for Elementary Teacher class. I am pretty sure I could draw better with my opposite hand and eyes clothes than the rest of the people in that class. It's that bad.
_Me around children I don't know.
_How many voices I talk in and then forgetting to talk normal. Especially when I am ordering food in a drive through.
_Working out for a mere fifteen minutes.

A W E S O M E.
_The creator of Pinterest. Thank you sweet, brilliant person.
_Chocolate with a raspberry filling. Nom nom nom nom.
_The Patriots not winning the Super Bowl. I despise them. Only one other team in the whole NFL that I hate more than the Pats is the Steelers.
_Sneaking in food into the movie theatre under your sweatshirt and getting away with it.
_My new bag that I got a mega deal for.
_A marathon of nothing but Snapped all day long. That show is the best.
_How much of a bad ass I am at the game Temple Run. I am a boss.
_Fixing the futon so that it no longer looks like a "V." Now people can actually sit on it again without sliding all towards the middle.


  1. i met the person yesterday who claimed to have created pinterest. it was a guy. (pretty sure he was just wishing out loud on that one ;)

  2. Your views on football teams are the same as mine. Who Dey all the way!