February 22, 2012

My Girls. My Bests.

For whatever reason my hair is a complete mess in the photo, so ignore it. Also, ignore the slight blur. These are my bests and I love this picture.

It is bittersweet being back here at school. This past weekend was much needed and I am sad that I am, once again, without my Bests. So, I will cherish the memories that were made, but I cannot wait until next time we are together.

Once up there we did what any sane, college girl would do...we went shopping (by the way, when did everything get so, ya know, expensive?). We bought ourselves some sassy, new outfits for the night ahead of us. We were in celebration for one of the Best's birthdays and we were prepared to flaunt what we got. So, we hit the mall hard and purchased some Girl Scout Cookies to tide us over along the way.

Speaking of Girl Scout Cookies, I don't know if you know this, but there are multiple distributors for Girl Scout Cookies. By that I mean, that not every area gets the same type of cookie. The little stand we were at were selling Savannah Smiles. They are these bite-sized, lemon wedge cookies that are covered in powder sugar. OHEMGEE, they were the best! I am so jealous that they don't sell those back home. If you have never had them, try em out. They are delicious; almost refreshing in a way.

Back to the weekend. Well, after our quick shopping extravaganza we headed back to the apartment to get ready for dinner. We decided on Red Lobster (mmmmm cheesy biscuits) and had a wonderful dinner. I am pretty sure we drank our weight in their raspberry lemonade and mixed berry tea. We then headed home to get sassy. I just loved spending this time with my Bests. Since we are all at different schools it is hard to find the time when all three of us can get together. I couldn't ask to have better friends in my life. They are both smart, beautiful and have the biggest hearts that anyone will ever meet. Thank you Bests for being my bests. Love you two.
Us girls with the two birthday girls (notice the pink birthday ribbons).
The two birthday girls! They are also roommates. Thank you for opening up your humble abode for the weekend.


  1. gorgeous ladies, all of you :)

  2. love the outfits and oh my gosh i am now craving girl scout cookies! ahhh!!

  3. Ah, this almost made me cry. Love you!