My Story

If you check my birth certificate the name on there is Nicolette, though I am only referred to with that name when I am in trouble with my mother, which happens to be quite often. Everyone else on the face of the planet calls me Nicki. I like to be called Nicki.

I am the oldest of three and the only girl. I love my two brothers more than anything. My bests are, need I say it? The best. My mom and dad are pretty cool too. They make the best breakfast. I am currently a college kid trying to figure out all the basics of life, which are a lot more complex than I would have ever imagined. My blog is filled with my daily life (which is sometimes funny,  sometimes awkward, sometimes both), things I find fascinating, stuff I love and other goodies worth sharing.

That’s my story.

Fun Facts:
I should be a professional Bop It/Bop It Extreme player.
I won an iPad from a raffle.
My favorite animal is a Wooly Mammoth 
In the 3rd grade I had plastic surgery on my right middle finger.
To this day I have to sing the ABCs to figure out which letter comes after the next.