February 26, 2012

If I Were Famous.

Let me rephrase that. If I were famous AND rich, (which, I suppose, go hand in hand. the money and the fame) this would be exactly what I would wear to an award show. I am usually not so much a pink person, but I love this dress. I adore this dress. I freaking want this dress. I just love this whole outfit, so much in fact, that I want to purchase every item. Just one problem, it would cost me basically, ummm, a lot of money. A whole hell of a lot. This outfit is not college girl friendly and doesn't really fit within a college girl's budget, which is usually a weekly $5-$10...if that. I hate how I have expensive taste sometimes, but then again, this is IF I were famous AND rich awesome.

My favorite part of award shows is watching celebrities walk down the red carpet. I mentally keep a worst and best dress list in my head, until photos are finally leaked through the internet so I can gawk over the ones I loved and gag over the ones I hated. I swear, people these days don't know how to dress. For the make-up, I was thinking keeping things pretty simple. A pink, almost nude lip and warm, bronze tones for the eye, along with a cat eye to make things pop. I love cat eyes, too bad I suck at doing them myself. Since the dress itself is a huge pop of color and has the detail up top, I decided to stick to dangled earrings, that gorgeous ring and cream clutch. So what do you think, would I make your worst or best dressed list? Ah, I can't wait to watch tonight tomorrow night (yes, its 2am, so technically it is sunday). Let me know who's you loved. Maybe, we love the same ones, you never know. 
Side Note: I don't know about you, but I hate, HATE, seeing reality TV stars people at award shows. You know, shows like Jersey Shore.

I am going to come right out and apologize if your "Blog's I'm Following" feed is blown up with duplicates (or similar to) of this post. I wouldn't be finished and the computer would post it to the blog. Stupid computers. So, I am sorry. If anyone know how I can delete it, so that you don't have to scroll through the bajillion of these that posted, let me know. I'm sorry. Again.


  1. Ah don't ya just love the Oscars! I'm in college too and we don't have a t.v so no watching for me! So sad!You would look Gorgeous in this dress! Hey maybe one day you'll be rich an famous!* a girl can dream right*
    Thanks for you comment girl! You should totally make the dessert. So easy!

  2. LOVE this set. That dress is beautiful. Such a elegant and classy look for sure.