February 7, 2012

What I'm Lovin.

Lately I have been enjoying life. It's just been great. The weather has been more than marvelous and life itself has been simple and stress free. Thankfully.

Here is what I have been loving lately.

The fact that I can "lie" to my friends. Now, I don't mean any harm. By lie I mean this: The other day I went out and bought valentines, Justin Bieber valentines to be precise, and I signed them all anonymously. They have gotten all worked up on trying to figure out who they are all from. Somehow I keep swaying their attention to another person. I wonder how long the guessing game will last.

The old CDs I have found in the back seat of my car. They are all from my high school years and let me tell you, I was an exceptional CD maker. They have some great jams on there.

How messy my room is. Normally I hate this part of myself. I have a very bad tendency to neglect my room far past the point of no return. Well, now I have this mountain of clothes piled up and I laugh every time I (or someone else) crawl across it to get to the other side. I need to clean it bad. Do you know a maid that would be willing? Ugh. This room clean is going to be an all day affair and will have to wait for the weekend.

I just love not wearing a bra. It's the best.

My new shoes. They are the cutest. Plus, I got them on sale, heck yeah! Here they are in black, but I bought them in a nude shade.

The fact that I am going to see the Bests here in just a couple days. I. CANNOT. WAIT. It has been too long since I have seen them. Goodness I am getting all giddy just thinking about it. Plus, it's one of their birthdays, so it should be a phenomenal visit. I have never visited them at school before, nor have they visited me so this trip should be exciting. Then sitting here thinking of this visit makes me that much more excited to travel to Chicago with them. P.S. to my Bests. Keep an eye on the mailboxes. You may have a little surprise headed your way.

My aromatherapy sleep body wash. If I am having trouble sleeping I go take a shower and use that stuff. It relaxes me and puts me in the mood to sleep. Forever. Which, forever is never the case, but it would be nice to sleep in. Although I have an 8:00 class in the morning. What was I thinking when I scheduled for that class?

That's my latest loves. What have you been loving these past couple of days?

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