January 6, 2012

Apologies For Missing Last Thursday.

So, this quote has given me a little pep in my step lately. I needed it..badly. I am trying to get back in shape for soccer. Goodness gracious, I don't know if I have ever been this out of shape in my life. It's going to be a long road. Every time I get out of shape I think to myself, "Why did I ever let myself go? This will NEVER happen again." But, every time I "take a break," which leads to one big long hiatus from working out, hence me being out of shape. This time I took a little too long vacation, if you must, away from the gym. However, I finally put my running shoes back on and started up my workouts. I am so sore it's not even funny. I will never let myself do that ever again (see, I said it). This is only the beginning, so it's going to be awhile until things start looking up. Ugh fitness.

Getting lost in downtown Louisville every time I drive through it. Every. Single. Time.
Avoiding a guy who constantly messages you via Facebook and running into him on campus. Then he asks for your number. Shoot. I am too nice and need to learn how to say "no."
Screwing up the cash register at work while dealing with a customer and not being able to fix it, so you must go get your manager who is tied up on the phone.
Seeing people you don't necessarily like.
When your card declines when checking out. Not enough money in the bank.
Working out at the gym for the first time in practically two months.
Not being able to walk appropriately because you are so sore.
Having the owner of the sushi bar tell all of workers that you are a visiter of Thailand..and they believe him completely. I don't look Thai do I?

The Victoria Secret Semi-Annual Sale. Love.
Red velvet cheesecake, home cooked breakfast, sushi and yum-yum sauce.
Having a job interview and rocking it. Hopefully.
Seeing people you love.
Getting a matching pillow and blanket set from one of your roommates AND the fourth season of Prison Break. I have the best roommates.
Sleeping in and having no responsibilities for a day. Pure bliss.
The way you feel after you got in a good workout. Not the feeling of "I'm dead, kill me now please." but the feeling of accomplishment and success.
My Biggie Smalls poster above my bed. It makes me smile just by looking at it. He is such a thug.


  1. ah getting out of shape is the worst huh.

  2. I clicked through to your blog from Suzy and the Skyscrapers (she's one of my favorite bloggie friends), and I just love it! It's so pretty! I'm following you now--stop by reverie any time!


  3. miss ya already and I am soo jealous of your biggie poster.

    <3 k