January 19, 2012

Snow Is Always Awesome.

Following your boss around like a lost puppy. I am new, therefore I have to shadow her A LOT. It makes me feel dumb.
Going out with co-workers after your first night of working with them.
How Kentucky people drive in the snow. Arg. This is more frustrating than awkward I suppose.
Realizing you at a whole bag oh Cheetos Puffs in one sitting. Those things are too damn addicting.
Being asked a question for which you don't know the answer to.
Not knowing you are on the schedule at work (apparently there are two different ones..good to know now). So then, your boss calls you asking, "Is everything okay?" In that I reply, Well no not really you just woke me from my perfect slumber. I shook it off and went into work anyways.
How much I hate UK Basketball while going to school in Kentucky.
Being a bar tender in training. I suck.
Going to do laundry and all of the washers and dryers are open. Score.
How much I talk about my job(s). I am sorry for not being sorry about it. I love working and I love my job, so that's what counts right? I will try to keep talk about work to a minimum..maybe.

The money I make at my new job. ITSAWESOME!
Finding out that the club I newly work in his haunted--It's a restaurant, must be a member to eat there. Not a club like I know you were thinking. My manager failed to share that with me in the interview.
Non-slip shoes.
All of my roommates finally moving back in.
Birthday parties.
Visits from someone very special. They shall be here tonight. I can't wait.
My new photo wall (I will post pictures on that later).
Having access to all of the free coffee that I want. Have I mentioned that I love my new job? I do talk about working a lot huh? Now adding to the awkward list.
Playing soccer tonight for the first time since the season ended. Oh how I miss my team, including the boy's team. We are one big happy family.


  1. glad you're making some moola ;) Spread the wealth over here ;)

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