January 23, 2012

Feeling A Little Green Today.

Actually I feel like today made me more green forever. You see, a friend told me about this awesome app that I can download for my iPad. I won my iPad at a party, and I honestly hardly ever use it. I can't run with it while working out (well I guess you could, but it would be difficult), you can't talk on it like a phone, it is difficult to type on so I would prefer to use my laptop and I pretty much only use it for games. That was before I was introduced with this awesome, and I mean AWESOME!, app.

This life changing app is called Notes Plus, for those who haven't heard of it. With this I can now take notes just like I would with any notebook. Instead of wasting paper and using countless notebooks, I now have a library of notebooks for all of my subjects on my iPad. I bought a stylus so that it is easier to write. Oh, you also want to know what is super cool about the app? You can plug it into your computer and edit it or print it out. You have total freedom while using it and it offers so many options, but it is really easy to use. Everything about this app is great. You now will never catch me purchasing another notebook ever again.

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  1. I totally saw some girl taking notes with that in class today and I was SO confused. But I get it now haha