January 24, 2012

Number Three Is Such A Great Feeling.

Over the weekend I preformed a power clean on my room and bathroom. I scrubbed floors, washed all my bedding, vacuumed, put away ALL of my clothes, dusted, made my bed and organized everything. I even took down my photo wall and began the start of a new and improved wall to display my photos from over the year. 

Looking at my room now you wouldn't believe me. My bed is no longer made, clothes are covering my floor and my vanity has everything covering the counter. Goodness I hate how fast my life is on the move right now. It leaves me with hardly enough time to change my clothes to go from one job to the next. Honestly that is why my floor and makeup is spread everywhere, because I spend too much time trying to find the perfect, fashionable outfit to wear to work. I guess that's what happens when you work in a trendy store in the mall. That is also another reason why I love my job at the club so much, because I put on my black button up shirt and black dress pants every day. Oh, and my non-slick shoes, I forgot to mention that. I look pretty banging at the club in that attire if you can imagine. Actually let me help you out with the visual.
There you go. My rocking uniform. Regardless, I love little thing number three. The feeling of cleanliness and organization is wonderful, however only when it last. I should probably go and clean my room..again.


  1. I am SUCH a neat freak. I can't get anything done if my room isn't clean.

  2. I feel ya on the ease with which my room becomes a disaster. I LOVE when it's clean, but it literally only takes 5 minutes of me being rushed to turn it into a mess again.