January 13, 2012

Tad Bit Chilly Is An Understatement.

Last week was such a lovely week all together. I ran outside, yes you read that right, outside. I even wore shorts and a t-shirt. Can you believe that, nice enough weather to be outside in shorts in the beginning of January and the middle of winter, who knew? Well, now it is like I fell asleep and woke up in Antartica. It snowed, which I am not complaining about. I LOVE SNOW. However, it is absolutely freezing. It's crazy how the weather works that way. So, now you will find me bundled up similar to this. Scarfs are becoming my best friends. Sometimes I don't know how to tie my scarf because there are so many options. I ended up finding this awesome guide on the internet to teach you how to wear scarfs. SCORE! Enjoy loves.


  1. ugh, I don't understand how the weather works, seriously. So confusing. And scarfs rock :)

  2. I hope it snows here soon! Love scarves during the winter!

  3. I think there's actually an iPhone app for "how to tie a scarf". It's kinda funny, no?