January 27, 2012

My Addiction: Chocolate

Just about any chocolate I will consume, but lately Dove Milk Chocolate and I have been pretty much best friends. Chocolate is my weakness. I always tell myself that it's okay to eat one square inch, but it never is just one. One turns into two and then, before I know it, turns into six. I'm not even upset about it though. I love chocolate and chocolate loves me and that is all that matters, an unconditional love. What is your weakness? You want to know my most favorite part about eating Dove Chocolate? Well, even if you don't want to know my favorite thing about it, I'm going to tell you anyways. Yep. It's gonna happen. Well, anyways, I love opening the foil, ever so gently, in hopes that the foil wont tare. I then take a coin and smooth out the foil as best as I can. Then I read what has carefully enclosed my chocolate prior to it's consumption. Whatever saying the wrapper beholds puts a smile on my face. It just gives me another hop in my step. It's like my own personal, daily fortune cookie. I love it, but then it becomes a game. I just keep eating and reading one after the next. Then, like I said before, in no time I have eaten a fourth of the bag. But still, it doesn't phase me. Someone's got to eat it. Right?
Make every day a holiday.
(please ignore my horrid nail polish. this girl needs to give herself a manicure)
Also, to explain the blur, these photos were taken on my phone.


  1. okay, now i need some dove chocolate. stat!

  2. Dude!!! Story of my life right here!!!! I have a bag of these sitting next to me right now. You have inspired me to finish the whole thing!!!