July 19, 2012

The Blog Got A Face Lift

I have been contemplating on changing my blog theme for awhile now, I just never really wanted to put in the effort it takes to do a total blog make over. Since I work as a graphic designer, I need small tasks that I can go to when that step away from what I'm working on moment comes. I need that time to focus and regroup. Well, as I stepped away from an ongoing project, I didn’t know where to go and my brain was in a slump. I figured I might try out some new blog designs. And that’s where this mustard yellow and gray (or grey?) began. I have been smitten with mustard yellow lately. I even ordered my new bedding for my apartment in a chevron, mustard yellow pattern. I lurve it and I home you lurve it too!

Also, ah I forgot to mention! I have new pages. Whoo. There is one titled "Favorites," which is home to all of my favorite posts. Read them if you like. There is also "Portfolio." I figured since I was an art student I should probably have a section to showcase all of my work. Since the fall semester is coming up I figured it is a perfect time to include that to my overall layout.

There are some cool other new clickable stuff. Just look around.

Isn't yellow so bright and cheery? It makes me happy.

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