April 4, 2012

Got My Vans On, But They Look Like Sneakers.

I have been telling myself every day as I lay in bed, "Tomorrow, I will write a new blog post." Well, many days later, here I am. I tend to have that bad habit, for intense, "My diet starts tomorrow," or "Tomorrow I will wake up early and look at least halfway presentable for class." All of these turn out to be big ole lies, especially the part where I try to wake up early in order to look cute. Fail. Fail. Fail. It is a typical day on campus to see me rocking the soccer shorts, tshirt, hoodie and vans. If you happen to catch me with my hair in a bun and I am wearing tall socks, it is more likely going to be a rough day. Why do I always tend to catch a ride on the struggle bus?

Well, today I made the poor judgement of wearing a hoodie to my 8am class. I don't know if you guys have this problem, but the weather drastically changes from 8am to midday. It felt like I was on the sun. Stupid sweatshirt.

My life lately has consisted nothing but work, school, and soccer. And sometimes reading. I try to get in a chapter or two a day. I have finally realized I love to read books. I have never been a big reader, until lately. I just want to open a book, smell the musty paper pages and get lost in the story. I think I may be becoming a book worm. But I am okay with that.

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