March 26, 2012

Nothing Like A Home-Cooked Meal.

I love breakfast. It is my favorite meal, although I rarely rise early enough to eat it, or I am in a rush and grab a piece of fruit to tide me over until lunch. Whichever my reason for not always consuming it (which is probably a good thing), breakfast food still remains my all-time favorite. If I had it my way, I would eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It would never get old. Never.

My parents are notorious for their fabulous breakfasts. I wish that one day I can cook as well as they can. I guess I better start learning so that I don't starve, because lord knows the only thing I can make is mac and cheese and cereal. I am going to make one hell of a wife one day. One morning during spring break me and one of the Bests made breakfast, in high hopes to make it as well as my parents do. My littlest brother helped out too--he is just precious. She (the Best) and I made our first gravy..ever! If you would ask us, we don't think it turned out half bad. While she did mostly the gravy, I went to chopping up some fruit for a fruit medley that consisted of plums, strawberries and mango. Everything turned out pretty tasty. Oh, how I love nothing more than a home-cooked meal. Especially when it is breakfast. Nom nom nom.


  1. love those cups & breakfast at your house.

  2. fruit medley <3 your cutting skills are the best Kdub

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