March 2, 2012

Storm Warning.

So, where I am located in Kentucky has a severe storm warning in effect today. The storm is to hit us bad by noon-ish. Earlier this week I was woke at six in the morning by one of my roommates telling me the tornado sirens were going off. Good thing I can wake up to those all on my own, right. I'm doomed. All four of us piled into our bathroom, as it is the safest room in the house. While shacked up in their for near an hour, we came to the conclusion that our bathroom is in desperate need of a good scrub down.

Well, the tornado ended up skipping our county (If you must know anything about Kentucky, it is that they don't go by cities. At all. They refer to everything as county. It is something I have gotten extremely used to) and hit one of the next counties over. That next county over is another one of my roommate's hometown (homecounty?). The middle school lost its roof, only blocks from my roommate's home. Scary stuff.

Today, however, is supposed to be ten times worse than the other day, which is freaking me out a bit. A few years ago our campus was stuck with disaster, as a tornado rolled through it and took everything with it. I would highly appreciate it if that would NOT happen again. I love storms, but tornados terrify me. A local new station only had, "The only thing that Western Kentucky can do is to pray" written on their website. Cool. Today is going to be wild.

Only two good things can arise from this situation. One: my two o'clock class gets canceled. Two: the storm is so bad that I don't have to go into work. Other than that, it's all uphill.

This makes me sad. Goodness, it is such a pretty day.


  1. It must be scary but exciting at the same time. Well it is exciting after when you realize it did not destroyed anything of yours! Be careful! :)

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  2. I hope everything's ok! Tornados do not sound fun. Be safe.