March 5, 2012


So sorry for being absent, and I know that my last post was not a positive one. For those that were worried/wondering everyone in this college town is safe. Wind started to pick up badly around 2pm and a short time later the sirens went off. Everyone was rushed to the basement where there was a couple of windows where we could see what was happening outside (I realize windows are not safe, but it was the best place for us to go in the building). The sky was ugly and soon enough the hail came. I fell down so hard that I could have sworn it was snowing. You couldn't see a foot in front of your face, because of how much hail their was. Everyone was on their phones and updating one another. We had a tornado touch down two blocks down the road from campus, but it did minimal damage in its paths. We got lucky. We got very lucky.

As, I am sure you are well aware, other towns were terribly struck. A state of emergency was in effect here in western Kentucky, where at least 20 people were killed by dozens of tornados. The tornados hit 19 counties here and left at least 300 people injured. My heart goes out to those cities who were left with near nothing. I know Kentucky was not the only state that were struck with these disasters. Many towns in numerous states where caught in the tornado's path. To those everywhere who were affected by these tornados, I am dearly sorry. I couldn't imagine the struggles you are facing.

If anyone know's of a site or foundation were the proceeds go towards the families of this tragedy, please let me know. I would love to help.

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