December 22, 2011

It's That Day Again.

Dressing a mannequin in a window display. Yep. That is just about as awkward as it gets.
How ruined my bridesmaid dress is due to the amount of beer on it.
Getting your scarf stuck in the register drawer. Then having your boss come over ride the register so that you can be set free.
Dancing with not one, but two married men. That's a first. Oh weddings.
The amount of followers I have. I need some more. I would love you forever if you did and give you a shout out (not begging I swear).
Being in the wedding party and walking into the reception sober. I could only imagine.
Me wrapping gifts.
The look on men's faces when they are walking around alone, aimlessly in the mall. Priceless.
How much food I have under my "awesome." On second thought, food is awesome.

Getting paid on Christmas Eve.
Eating mashed potatoes for breakfast.
The Oh My God sushi roll with a side of rice at Tokyo. It is OHMYGOD delicious.
Christmas cookies. Correction. My mother's christmas cookies. She is the best.
Giving presents, rather than receiving them. Though receiving them is nice too.
While sticking to the food theme, the sugar cookie milkshake at Denny's. Try it.
My birthday coming up in just a couple of days.
Being home for the holidays. I am bursting with joy and cannot wait to be home with my awesome friends and family.
The Christmas Mustachio Bashio party one of my bests is throwing. We must wear mustaches, which is awesome. 

This gorgeous photo is from Jenni's awesome blog Story of My Life. I love reading her posts; they are just great. Do yourself a favor and follow her. You won't be disappointed.

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