December 20, 2011

Lately I've Been Thinking.

I realize it has been quite a few days between my last post and this one. I apologize for my lack of blogging lately. My life has been absolutely insane and where I am currently I don't receive internet service, so I have to sneak off somewhere where I can borrow some WiFi. The days until Christmas are dwindling down and I am getting pretty pumped about all the events unfolding this week. With everything that is about to happen and currently going on in my life I have been thinking a lot lately.

Money. I have spent every last penny to my name on gas so that I could drive back and forth from work to back home so that I can spend time with friends and family.

The season of giving. I love giving presents more than I like receiving them. It is just something about the expression on the person's face and that light in their eye they get after opening a gift. That is the greatness of the season, giving, not recieving. Well, since I am dirt broke I have not bought a single item for anyone. Not my parents, brothers, relatives, best friends. I feel absolutely terrible, but on Saturday I get paid, so I will be doing some intense last minute shopping and gift ideas.

My job. I love my job but I hate being away from home too. All of my family and friends are off school and this is the time to be with them, but I am stuck away from home. I. Hate. It. I missed out decorating the house, putting up the tree and setting up the Christmas village, which has always been my job ever since I can remember. Also, I missed out on mom baking cookies. I guess I can keep off a few LB's this year with missing that wondrous event.

Family. I love my family more than words can describe. Losing a family member is like losing a piece of yourself; it is a terrible feeling. Well lately our family has been pulling together for all the surgeries that are coming up in our future. My mother is having surgery this week and it should go through smoothly, but surgery is always a scary thing. Then my uncle is also having surgery this week. His is more on the serious side. He has a lot of heart problems and just got added to the transplant list. With this surgery this week they plan to help the problems with his heart, but it is only a temporary fix until he can get a transplant. The surgery comes with high risk and possibility of complications so if everyone could just keep him in his thoughts that would be great. Thank you!

My future. I always think of my future. I have terrible self-esteem issues when it comes to success. I want nothing more in life than to make something of myself and be successful. I am constantly conscious of the decisions I make now in my life and where they will lead me later in life, or if they will even matter at all. I am always second guessing myself, like if I am making the right choices or if this is where I am meant to be. Ugh life.

Weddings. Since the wedding of my dear friends Whitney and Derek over the weekend (photos to come) I have been thinking a lot about weddings, especially my own. I cannot wait for the day I meet the man of my dreams and I fall head-over-heels, crazy in love and we get married. The day of my wedding will be so magical with all of my loved ones there supporting our future together. Also, my reception will be one hell of a party! But, all of that fun stuff will be on hold for quite sometime. I am still a kid for goodness sakes.

Our soldiers. I know a lot of people that a fighting for this country. Recently there was a tragic accident of a friend of mine from high school where he was terribly injured. He just arrived home since the accident happened, which I believe happened in September. I was not home for his homecoming, but the way the community pulled together for him was heart warming. On another note, I very good friend of mine just enlisted to the Marines. In my heart I always knew that would be the path he would choose to take. I just wish him all the good luck and safety in the world.

This is getting a lot longer than I ever intended, so I will stop here.



  1. the picture is so great! i wanna do that! :-) ah.. cant wait for the vacation, relaxing, bathing and sleeping!!!

  2. I know right? You can order the bath table! But, yes a vacations sounds marvelous right now.