September 17, 2012

When It Comes To Writing Papers.

I am sitting here on a Sunday night, procrastinating it up like a pro. Actually, I am pretty far ahead in most of my classes, except one. It's an 8AM so it's a rough one. So far this semester, I am loving all of my classes, which include: Graphic Design III, Digital Photography, Advanced Drawing, Health and Ethics of Society, Computer Literacy, and The Study of Alaskan Eskimos.

Computer Literacy is a bird course I need as a gen ed, that I probably should have taken my freshman year, but didn't. And as for the Alaskan Eskimo class, I don't know what to think about it just yet. It is a lot of busy work. Though, I am just taking it because it is an upper-level and I thought it seemed kind of interesting. Okay, lets be honest, I need upper-levels to graduate on time and it was the only one that fit into my schedule that sounded like I wouldn't break my GPA.

The point of this blog though is to A. get back on my feet in the blogging world and B. because I am currently writing my roommate's paper. Well, she is technically writing it, but she is having me revise it, and everything is borderline horrible. So, I am just rewriting the whole thing paragraph by paragraph as she is typing along. I must give it to her, I have never seen anyone try to hard and still write an awful paper.

I by no means hold my head high and think I am all-knowing grammatically or a wanna-be-english-major. I am sure it shows in my posts. Actually, I may be the worst speller on the planet, better yet, universe. I am the worst speller of all time. However, I am confident enough that I can, indeed, write a pretty compelling paper. Right now she could use any help that she can get. And coffee, she needs a whole hell of a lot of coffee.

I’m such a good friend. And I kind of like writing papers.

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  1. I love writing blog posts when I'm supposed to be doing homework. You're also such a good friend. Miss you and love you!