April 10, 2012

I Might Regret Sharing This Later.

I was able to go home for about 2 days for Easter break. I had to leave home to head back down to school to work, bright and early on Saturday, so I didn't exactly spend Easter with the family. I was kind of bummed that I wouldn't spend the holiday with my family, but I would never take back those two days I spent with them. We all met up with my dad to have lunch and then my mom and brothers ventured over to the Cincinnati History and Natural Science. I hadn't been there for ages, so it was fun to explore the museum again. I absolutely loved the Natural Science part. My family didn't exactly obey the rules of no touching or staying within the boundries. We have pictures to prove it. Hey, at least we didn't get tossed out.

For those of you who don't know this little tidbit about myself, I love wooly mammoths. Scratch that, I am OBSESSED with wooly mammoths. They are my favorite animal, and please don't start the whole "they're extinct" argument. For example, in high school a boy did a speech on a wooly, and I cried. Not just a little tear shed, I was in a full-out cry of happiness with tears rolling down my cheeks. You don't know what embarrassing is until you have that exact boy stop in the middle of his speech to ask you if you are okay and all the people around you are laughing. Ya, it's that bad. In fact, the picture I have standing in front of the one above, I am not going to share with you. Why you ask, because I was swelling up with all kinds of emotions and on the verge of tears. I love wooly mammoths. 
Isn't the size of this tree rediculous. Just to put things into perspective, my brother is about 6ft.
See, like I said, we did not stay off the exhibits. Oops.
Okay, so I explained above on my passion for woolies (that's what I like to call them). So, you should already expect that even if this was nearly impossible to get to and I had to literally crawl through the exhibit, I was going to get a picture with that dying wooly. Maybe it is wrong not stay within the railings, but at that moment of time..I didn't care. Sorryimnotsorry. Sharing my love for woolies with you is a big deal, hence my post title. I may regret sharing my obsession unconditional love for them. Oh well, too late to look back now.
 Yep, you caught us. Proof that we crawled under the railing. Most of these photos were from the ice age exhibit. It was the only exhibit we didn't stay within the path. Plus, it looks like you are free to roam..I think. I mean, come on, how could you pass up a picture with a buffalo?! The ground sloth was pretty awesome too. And by awesome, I mean HUGE!
This was one of the only photos I have of the History side of the museum. It covers the entire history of Cincinnati and this, I believe, was the first riverboat in the area. Don't quote me on that, I honestly just thought it would make a lovely picture.

There you go! That was my shortened Easter break at home with my family. Other than our venture to the city, we spent a majority of our time at home watching movies together. Oh, how I love family movie nights. They are the best. How was your Easter break?

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