March 1, 2012

Needing Gift Ideas For Someone Special.

Meet my Papaw. The photo above is of he and I when I was just a babe. Goodness I love him more than I can seem to put into words. He is one of the greatest men I have ever met. I am so thankful that I grew up so close to my grandparents, but for whatever reason, I have always had a strong bond with my grandfather. Welp, this year he is turning 80, on March 17! I still think he still looks just as young as he does in the top picture as he does now. He is a pretty handsome grandpa, don't you think? I sure think so.

I am stuck in quite a pickle. It's not everyday when someone dear to you turns 80 (well, not for a 20 year old girl at least. Maybe, once I am old and wise my friends will be turning 80 left and right, as well as myself, so I will be a pro once that time comes) and I have no idea on what to get him! I have been racking my brain these past couple of days on a good gift for him. If any of you guys could help a sista out and enlighten me with fabulous idea, that would be great.

Also, this is his FIRST ever surprise party. It only took us 80 years to pull this one off. So, a great gift that will really knock his socks off is just what I need!
He was pretty handsome back in his day, scratch that, he is still good looking.
See, this was he and I this Christmas. He hasn't changed a bit.

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