January 2, 2012

Today Was Pretty Shnazzy.

Well hello there you pretty thing! So where do I start? The beginning of this brand spankin new year had been pretty grand I must say. For starters I found out I do not have to work again until Wednesday (insert high-five here). This morning was this years first snowfall! I love snow. Then today I found out I won this giveaway where I get a free sponsor spot on Alivia's blog, Brunch in April. I. WAS. SO. EXCITED. I was smiling ear to ear like a five year old girl who just got a huge ice cream sundae, come to think of it I would probably have the same expression on my face if an ice cream sundae sat in front of me. I have been reading her blog for about a year now, so basically I was starstruck. Thank you so much Alivia! Make sure you go read her blog right now, because she is just lovely. I also want to give a shout out to my awesome followers. I only have three as of now, but I love those three followers. Check out their blogs! They are so sweet, Erin's blog: It's the Journey, Kelsie and Cindy's blog: Style of a Lifetime. You guys are great!

Today my dad and I went on a mega-shopping trip. He is redoing the master bath and he wanted me to help him with ideas and design. During our trip I had to beg him to let me stop at the nearby commons. I blew all of my money at Victoria Secret, because it was their Semi-Annual Sale. Waiting for me to shop was enough for my dad to handle so it was back to home improvement stores for the remainder of the day. On our way home we got stopped to bumper to bumper traffic for nearly two hours. We ended up turning around and driving all the way threw the city to get home. Our fifteen minute trip home turned into three and a half hours. Oh, how snow throws some curve balls, but it was great bonding time for Dad and I.

How was your monday dearies?


  1. okay first, you are so pretty! And lucky about the free sponsor spot. I love Alivia's blog!