January 1, 2012

My 2011 Year Recap.

As we all say, time flies by far too fast. I swear just last week I was kicking it in my bean bag chair and rocking my fresh new pair of light-up and velcro kicks while watching some Rugrats. Man, those were the days.

Well, this year was filled with memories that I will forever remember.

I started off the 2011 year by catching a Bengals game with my little brother. We had the best seats and it felt like 30 below zero. I was freezing even after all my layers. It even snowed. Mid January I packed up all of my stuff from Missouri and moved it to my new school in Kentucky. I often sit back and think where I would be if I never would have transferred. I am thankful I went through on my decision.

I met new people, tons of them. I made new friends, who are awesome. I spent a lot of February driving back and forth from school to home to sit at countless wrestling meets, where I once ended up in the waiting room of the ER because a certain boy had to get stitches. His sister and I took countless pictures to pass time.

Just enjoyed being a kid in college. Then on spring break I went home to hang it with old friends. My family and I then took a trip to Nashville, where I ended up getting so sick I didn't leave the hotel. So much for a vacation.

I played a lot of indoor soccer with the team. Met our new coach, who I love. He is the best. We had a lot of recruits coming to play with us. Just so you know, every single recruit we housed enrolled in the fall! They are some awesome girls.

Need I say the dreaded word? Exams. I pulled late night study sessions, where I once spent $75 on pizza, breadsticks and pop. We ate it all. Me studying for numerous hours on end didn't help thought, I ended up getting my first D ever. Actually I got my first 2 Ds. I hated my life. Thankfully I went home and spent time with family and friends to forget about how much I suck at school.

My social life basically ended during June. I had an internship this summer with a staffing company in the city. It was such a great experience and I hope that I can renew that internship this coming summer. I also had a second job along with summer conditioning for soccer. Here was my usual daily itenerary: Wake up and get dressed, drive to work, work 9-6, drive to other job, get off around 11, go work out until 1-2, drive home, shower, pass out. Sometimes I would wake up early and work out in the mornings too. Any other time I did have I would go to my brother's baseball games. Needless to say my life was over.

This month is pretty much an exact replica of June. I went to more baseball games because I would be a bad athlete and skip out on some workouts. Shhh don't tell anyone. I also went to Destin, FL with my whole family, including my mom's two younger sisters and their families. It was a blast and a good break from my non-stop everyday schedule.

I tried to spend more time with friends since we were all leaving for school again very soon. The Bests and I got tickets to see John Butler Trio in concert. It was phenomenal. It was a great way to wrap up the summer. I love my Bests. Mid August I moved back to school and soccer hell started. I pretty much died every day for two weeks straight. I had never been so sore in my life. Ice baths became my best friend.

Back home it seemed no one could catch a break. When it rains it pours. I hate when bad things happen to good people. It was great to see the community pull together through it all. While at school my life consisted of two things, school and soccer.

Soccer was almost over! I love my team, I love soccer, but I was ready for the season to end and so was everyone else. Those eight hour bus rides seem like an eternity and having practice every day was beginning to take its toll. Oh the joys of mid season burnout. However, we had a lot of team bonding time. We went to the pumpkin patch, went trick-or-treating, decorated for senior day, had fashion shows. I just love my team!

I actually had free time and I didn't know what to do with it. It is funny how it works that way. Since I had so much free time I went out and got myself a job. I needed some income, badly.Thanksgiving was such a nice break to go home and spend time with those I love. Plus, Mom and I made our first gooseberry pie with lattice! We were so proud. Oh, and my family dominated Black Friday.

There was so much going on in December. The forbidden word again, exams. I did better this time around and made the Deans List. I was pretty proud of myself and I needed those grades because of the poor grades I received in the previous semester. I then found myself drive to and from school and home in order to work. I was a bridesmaid in a dear friend's wedding. I just love winter weddings, it's magical. Being home for Christmas was marvelous. I had a great time bashing with friends and sitting around the Christmas tree with the family. Then my 20th birthday was not too soon after the holidays. This month was just busy, busy, busy.

The year finally came to a close. 2011 was a great year, though I am ready to see what the new year has in store for me. As for new year resolutions, I do not participate. We all know its the same old shit, just a different year. I hope everyone had a wonderful time celebrating the year of 2012! Bring on the new year!


  1. Sounds like quite the year!
    I just found your blog through Brunch in April. I really like your design and I am a new follower!

    I've got a giveaway going on right now if you're interested :)

  2. Thank you dear! I will be sure to check it out.

  3. Gjfhjsf I love this post. Love.

    <3 K