November 30, 2011

Winding Down.

That's my little puppy Bow, well not so much puppy. That was taken the exact day we got her a year ago. I understand that she is technically still a puppy, but she is not longer a quite, small, puppy breath, baby anymore. Yeah, she is definitely not quite by any means, or small for that matter. We should change her name to Pork Chop or Chunk.

It is almost time for Christmas and I cannot cannot wait! For those of you Bah Humbuggers I am one of those people you hate during the holidays. Yes, I am guilty of listening to Christmas music all year round and I want to decorate my house/tree before Thanksgiving. I am a proud Christmas time lover. Now all I need is lots of snow. Some of my friends that go to school more up north than I got a some flurries today and to say the least, I am beyond jealous.

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