November 29, 2011

Let Me Introduce Myself.

So I am new to the "blogger" world. By that I do not mean I have never blogged, because I have. I currently have a blog on Wordpress. Though, I have been out of blogging loop for quite some time now. For the time being I am trying to figure out all of these new changes from this site versus the other, (which you might not believe, but it is so entirely different). So, I am trying to get into the swing of things. Right now my life is jammed packed with just about everything you can imagine, but I want to be reintroduced to the world of blogging.

For now, you deserve a proper introduction don't ya think? Well, I am Nicki. A brief summery of myself is that I am everything you would imagine a girl my age would be: carefree, fun, busy, outgoing, wild, crazy and not easily tamed. But, then again, I am also so very different from all the rest. If you would ask me I differ more than relate, but I don't mind. I pride myself with being able to make anyone laugh at any time. I curse like a sailor, which may offend some, but then again that is who I am. Sometimes I try to keep my vulgar word usage to a minimum..actually who am I kidding? No I don't. I change my clothes entirely far too often before I go out. I have an earring and shoe addiction, which most of my paycheck usually keeps that addiction going. I am blessed to have the best friends and family that anyone could hope for. I am constantly listening to music at any chance I get. I am just a college girl still trying to take this whole world by storm. This is my blog and I hope you enjoy it. Also, please be proud of me because it took me ages to come up with a title. Oh yes, that is one thing I forgot to mention, I am too entirely indecisive, but then again, what woman isn't?


  1. love the new blog & the layout! The little birds at the top are my favorite. It has me thinking about switching to blogger...

  2. Do it! I can help you with all the graphic and html stuff. Which I will admit is a pain to get the hang of, but after a day or two of messing around with it you start to figure it out.