April 16, 2012

I Am Such A Boy Sometimes.

Lately, I have been a topnotch video gamer. One day, the roommates and I decided to try to do something other than sleep and watch movies (sleeping and movie time are some of my top favorite activities to do), we chose to play Xbox. We have a whopping 3 games to choose from: FIFA, Call of Duty and James Bond 007. Since we are all soccer players and refuse to play soccer outside of practice, we scratched FIFA off the list. Then it came down to Call of Duty and James Bond, and lets face it, James is such a good looking guy. So, we ultimately chose 007. Since then, we have developed a slight obsession of the game. We play nearly every day and it's brought into conversation multiples times throughout the day. We are becoming pretty awesome at it..for girls anyways. Bring it on boys.
At first, this was us. "How do you shoot?"--"I am lost and can't find anyone, where are you?"--"BOOM! Kill streak...shoot I just killed myself with my own grenade."...yeah, we said stuff like that.


  1. The only video game I've ever been able to get into (i.e. understand what I'm doing) is Guitar Hero. I used to play that game ALL. THE. TIME. And I kicked major butt at it, too :)
    Hope you have a lovely weekend of video games!

    Left brain, right brain, pug brain.