March 8, 2012

Spring Break Is Awesome

::My dreams, especially when they involve dear friends. My dreams are odd, so odd. In fact, I feel as if I did acid prior to falling asleep. Yep, they get that weird.
::Sending out a mass text for people to come play kickball, and no one shows up.
::Not having your makeup bag all week long.
::Being the only people in the entire restaurant.
::Young girls making videos and posting them on boys Facebook's in efforts of trying to impress them. It's annoying and awkward and you look like a fool. If only you knew.
::My brother's and their first dates to a dance. It's a cute awkward, but oh so entirely awkward.
::Trying to pick up a shot glass out of the oven with hot wax in it. Near impossible, let me tell you.
::Seeing people the next day after a night out. Yep. Awkward to the max.
::That spring break is practically hear. So close, in fact, that I can taste it. I can not wait to spend some time with my Bests.
::Having nothing but beautiful weather.
::How truly awesome this photo is.
::Not having to work during the week. I love being able to just lounge around all day long after class.
::Movie nights with the girls. Actually, we have movie nights nearly every night. Hey, what so you expect, we are in college?!
::Debbie and her awesome idea.
::New projects that I am working on. I am currently working on giving this blog a well-deserved makeover. Exciting.
::The fact that I am nearly at 20 followers. It makes me happy.

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  1. wait you are the best for mentioning me<3