December 12, 2011

I Have Been In Hiding. Hiding From Exams That Is.

This past week has been crazy busy and I am sorry for the lack of posting that has been going on. I have seriously done nothing but study, create and design for the past week and a half. Finals week is slowly coming to a close and boy let me tell you, I can not wait until I am done with exams. I need a break from school. Forever. Well here are some pictures from my final for my Three Dimensional Design class. We had to construct a bridge over a bowl we made (please be nice on my coil pot, it was a first time and I did not make the base thick enough, so the sides of my bowl began basically eating my bottom base and that us why it looks like an ugly turd).

 The whole thing. I was pretty pleased how it turned out. Although it left me with hot glue burns.

This was before I cleaned it up a bit and got rid of hot glue strands.
I needed a little pick me up. So I ordered some pepperoni pizza, cheese bread and Dr. Pepper.

I used loads of toothpicks and even more hot glue. Yes, lots and lots of hot glue.

Oh and in case all of you were wondering, I came out with an A in this class. I was so surprised which quickly turned into me being extreme ecstatic jumping around my room. This professor rarely ever gives A's. So I was uber pleased, to say the least. I have some other stuff I constructed during this class. Maybe I will share those projects with you in another post. Sorry for being distant lately, hell week will be over soon.


  1. Your projects are always so cool. Make me one?

  2. that is insane. i want to get some toothpicks and make something now.

  3. Well thank you! It took F-O-R-E-V-E-R