December 1, 2011

Hey There December.

It is finally December, which is one of my favorite months out of the year. First things first, Happy Birthday to my wonderful cousin Kate for turning 18 today. She is now old enough to play the gift exchange game that is played every year with our grandpa, parents, aunts, uncles and older cousins. Growing up we wanted nothing more than to be old enough to participate in this game and now her time has come!

It is now crunch time to get everything together for the big Christmas day. My birthday is also towards the end of the month, on the 29. People always ask if it sucks to have a birthday so close to Christmas and the answer to that would be, yes. You only have the opportunity to get gifts one time out of the year and even though my mom swears on her life, I know I get jipped out of presents every year. I won't complain about it though, I will take what I get. So bring on the cold weather, snow and the holidays; I am ready for it.

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